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12th Annual Landfill SeminarSCS Engineers4.0
15th Annual Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association Conference & ExhibitionOntarion Onsite Wastewater Association10.0
2010 Insect & Rodents Workshop- Part II - The Economic and Health Significance of the Commensal RodentsNEHA E-Learning1.0
2010 Insects & Rodents Workshop - Identifying and Analyzing Active Rodent SignsNEHA E-Learning1.0
2013 FDA Central Region Retail Food Protection Training & Educational SeminarFDA & CASA20.5
2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shoreline SummitDNR & CBT18.0
2014 Annual NEHA Educational ConferenceNEHA &  State Onsite Regulators4.0
2014 CWA / NPDES National Technical Inspector WorkshopUS Environmental Protection Agency26.67
2014 Groundwater SymposiumMCET4.5
2014 Infectious Disease UpdateMD DHMH5.5
2014 Inspectors ForumMDE2.25
2014 Interstate Environmental Health SeminarGeorgia Environmental Health Ass.Various CEU
2014 Maryland Beach Program WorkshopMDE5.0
2014 Statewide Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Conference on Public Health & Law Enforcement IssuesDHMH, OP & R6.0
2014 USPHS Scientific and Training SymposiumCommissioned Officers Foundation20.5
21st Centruy Drinking Water Corrosion ControlDelTech7.0
21st Century Membrane TechnologyDelTech7.0
21st Century Principles of Water/Wastewater Liquid Chlorination and De-ChlorinationDelTech7.0
22nd Annual Groundwater SymposiumMDEVarious
23rd Annual Maryland Groundwater SymposiumMCET4.5
23rd Annual Pretreatment ConferenceUSEPA7.5
321st CASA Quarterly MeetingCASA5.0
322nd CASA Quarterly MeetingBaltimore Conference & CASA5.0
323nd CASA Quarterly MeetingCASA5.0
324nd CASA Quarterly MeetingCASA4.0
325th CASA Quarterly MeetingCASA5.0
326th Quarterly MeetingCASA5.0
3rd Annual FDA & Veterinary Medicine Science Research ConferenceFDA7.0
4-Hour EPA AHERA Inspector RefresherAerosol Monitoring & Analysis4.0
66th Interstate Seafood SeminarInterstate Seafood Seminar Org.15.0

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