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BOCE : externship


Externship Program

Description & Guidelines

This program Consists of approximately twelve (12) to thirteen (13) weeks of participation as an extern for a licensed chiropractor.

This program is strictly for current chiropractic college doctoral level students who are no more than two semesters from graduation, and is only open to those externs that have fulfilled, through college clinic service, the quantitative and qualitative clinical experience requirements established by the Council on Chiropractic Education and the chiropractic college which they are attending.

The program will allow the extern to perform, in the preceptor's office, those duties in examination, diagnosis, and treatment that would be allowed in the college clinic, so long as these practices are within the scope of the doctoral level training of the student and within the scope of the preceptor license.

The extern that elects this program must find a preceptor doctor that has been in practice for a minimum of five years in the state where the externship is to take place. The matter of a stipend to the student for services performed should be worked out between the preceptor, the student and the chiropractic college.

The preceptor doctor is requested to mall to the Board office final detailed evaluation of the extern at the termination of the program.

The extern is requested to mail a copy of the student's evaluation of the extern program to the Board office at the termination of the program.


  1. Interns in this program must contact a doctor that will agree to serve as a preceptor to the intern.
  2. Doctors that agree to become preceptors will be sent an application form to fill out and mail back to the Chairman of the Preceptor Program of the student's chiropractic college.
  3. Upon receipt of the application, the Chairman will write the Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners to ascertain that the applicant is in good standing with the Board.
  4. Doctors may be approved by the Board to serve as preceptors only after application has been made with the Board office, and inspection has been completed.
  5. Upon certification that the applicant is in good standing, the Chiropractic Preceptor Program will approve or disapprove that the preceptor applicant is appropriate for the program.
  6. The Chairman, Chiropractic Preceptor Program, will mail a letter appointing the approved applicant as an extension faculty member of the Chiropractic College for the school year involved.

Extern Qualifications for Program

  1. The extern must have passed Part I and be qualified for Part II of the examinations given by the National Board   of Chiropractic Examiners.
  2. The extern must be in good academic standing, have no more than one semester remaining, and completed all clinic requirements except hours and days.
  3. The extern may be approved for this program by the State Board only upon completion of clinic commitments such as insurance reporting, x-ray reports and active patient reassignment.

Summary of Extern Services and Responsibilities

  1. Be an extern in one of the last two semi-trimesters prior to graduation for the purpose of augmenting competence in all areas of chiropractic practice -- examination, x-ray, diagnosis, treatment, insurance, management.
  2. Be an observer for an initial period then provide service as follows:

    a. Assist in consultations and case histories
    b. Assist in examinations
    c. Maintain records
    d. Take and process x-rays
    e. Write x-ray diagnostic reports
    f. Assist in administration of treatment
    g. Perform follow-up examinations
    h. Always serve under the preceptor's direct supervision>

Suggested Guidelines for Involving an Extern in the Care of Your Patients

  1. Provide the extern an initial period in the clinic for observing your methods and procedures.
  2. Following the observation period you might involve your extent in active patient care (an important objective for the extern). At that time you may permit the extern to do the following:

    a. Carry out consultation together in order that new patients may be acquainted with you and your intern
    b. Assist in examinations
    c. Maintain records
    d. Take and process x-rays
    e. Write x-ray diagnostic reports
    f. Assist in administration of treatment
    g. Perform follow-up examinations
    h. Always serve under the preceptor's direct supervision.
    i. Present progress reports together


  1. The extern is expected to prepare a detailed report on the office placement. This report will be returned to the chiropractic college and Maryland licensure board.
  2. The extent is to perform those duties related to examination, diagnosis, treatment, reports, etc., as requested by the preceptor doctor.
  3. No extent shall perform services or treatments beyond those allowed under the license of the particular preceptorship with whom he/she is affiliated.
  4. No extent shall change preceptors without express written approval by the Maryland Chiropractic Board and the chiropractic college. Any attempt to circumvent this approval will result in termination of externship program and the extent will be required to return to the college campus.
  5. Any extent that is terminated by a preceptor, for whatever reason, will return to the college campus after written notification has been forwarded and received by the State Board and the chiropractic college. (Notification must be given within seven (7) days of termination.)

Download Externship Application

Download Preceptor Evaluation of Extern Performance