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The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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A Physician Clinical Specialist is the advanced level of work providing clinical services in an area of medical specialization to patients who are mentally ill, chronically ill or developmentally disabled or are in need of medical and preventive treatment.  The majority of positions are located at Department of Health and Mental Hygiene facilities and local health departments.  Employees in this classification do not supervise other physicians but may supervise health care support staff.
Employees receive general supervision from a higher-level physician or an administrative official.  Employees may be assigned to day, evening, night or rotating shifts which may include holidays and weekends.  Employees are subject to call-in and overtime based on staffing requirements.  Employees are required to observe infection control precautions in order to prevent contamination and spread of disease.
The Physician Clinical Specialist is differentiated from Physician Clinical Staff in that the Physician Clinical Specialist is an advanced level providing clinical services in a medical specialty area requiring certification by an American Medical Association Specialty Board.
II.   EXAMPLES OF WORK:  (Examples are illustrative only)
  • Provides consultation, advice and overview of treatment in an area of medical specialization to other physicians and health care staff;
  • Plans and participates in the medical care of patients in a State facility, local health department or other agency;
  • Develops patient treatment plans based on assessments and diagnoses;
  • Implements and oversees implementation of treatment plans;
  • Examines and treats patients based on diagnoses;
  • Prescribes medications and treatments as indicated by diagnoses;
  • Orders various tests and analyses to provide information on patient’s condition;
  • Analyzes reports and findings in order to determine patient’s progress and adjusts treatment plan accordingly;
  • Reviews patients’ records to assure their adequacy and proper administration;
  • Advises health care support staff of appropriate treatment techniques needed for individual cases;
  • Conducts clinical rounds and reviews progress of patients;
  • Meets with patients and their families to discuss treatment plans and address concerns; 
  • Attends staff meetings and participates in diagnostic and treatment discussions, lectures, seminars and case presentations;
  • Gives lectures and presentations to medical students, heath care professionals and lay groups in an area of medical specialization;
  • Performs other related duties.
  • Knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of the specialized field of medicine;
  • Knowledge of the clinical aspects of medicine;
  • Knowledge of the standards of medical care;
  • Knowledge of current developments in medicine;
  • Skill in the examination and treatment of patients;
  • Skill in performing medical diagnosis and planning treatment based on diagnosis;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other physicians, health care professionals, support staff, patients and families of patients. 
Education:     Possession of a degree in medicine from an accredited college or university.
Experience:   As required for certification in an area of medical specialization by an American Medical Association Specialty Board.
  • Applicants must be certified by an American Medical Association Specialty Board in an area of medical specialization.
  • Applicants must be licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians to practice medicine under Maryland State Law.  A copy of the current license must be attached to the application.
  • Employees in this classification are subject to substance abuse testing in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations 17.04.09, Testing for Illegal Use of Drugs.
DATE REVISED:  September 21, 2009
Class specifications are broad descriptions covering groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies.  Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.
APPROVED:   _____________________________________
                         Director, Division of Classification and Salary