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The Division of Budget Analysis is charged with the responsibility of formulating the annual operating budget, monitoring expenditures, and coordinating federal grant activities for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).  These responsibilities are accomplished through the following activities:
  • Provides instruction and guidance to all DHMH units in the preparation of the budget, and reviews/revises each budget prior to submission to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).
  • Serves as the Departmental representative during the budget process at DBM and the Department of Legislative Services.
  • Coordinates DHMH responses for Legislative budget hearings.
  • Coordinates preparation of the Department's quarterly projections.
  • Prepares all DHMH budget amendments.
  • Assists units in formulating plans of correction to resolve fiscal problems.
  • Reviews the Department's Fiscal Notes during the Legislative session. 
  • Reviews DHMH Managing for Results Plans.
  • Assists in preparation and reviews applications for federal funding for the Department.
  • Serves as the fiscal officer for the Office of the Secretary, Operations, and the Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services.
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Files Utilized by the Division of Budget Analysis

The following Forms are Microsoft Word and Excel Documents.  The files can be accessed for viewing or for downloading by clicking on the appropriate link below:
Office of Governor

Our Staff

John Newman, 
Director, Budget Revenue Administration (410) 767-6061

Teresa Dantzler (410)767-6061

Terry Caprio (410) 767-6061

Nick Filippou (410) 767-6061

Laura Weber (410)767-6071

James Hermann (410) 767-6061

John George (410) 767-6061

Tricia Young (410) 767-6061

Laferne Johnson (410) 767-6061

Robert Juskus(410) 767-6061