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MPHL : leprac

Office of Laboratory Emergency Preparedness and Response

The Office of Laboratory Emergency Preparedness and Response (OLEPR) was formed for the purpose of developing, exercising, and maintaining all aspects of emergency preparedness and response involving the State Public Health Laboratory in its leadership position in Maryland. Activities include oversight of laboratory activities under the CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement, developing and coordinating training conferences and exercises for first responders re: the Laboratories Administration, support of the bioterrorism (BT) and chemical terrorism (CT) programs in the Laboratories Administration, formation and training of incident command teams (NIMS), as well as many other tasks

The OLEPR developed and maintains the Maryland State Biological Agents Registry (BAR) Program, formed under legislation by the Maryland Legislature in 2002. This registry registers ‘persons’ maintaining, transferring or possessing select agents in Maryland. The OLEPR established and maintains the Maryland Laboratory Response Network (MLRN) including Sentinel and Level 3 Laboratory Oversight. The OLEPR provides guidance to the Laboratories Administration regarding the APHIS/CDC Select Agent Program.

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