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Frequently Asked Questions


Program Starts July 1, 2008! 


1. I am a parent or a family member caring for a child (or children) who are enrolled in medical assistance. Can I apply?

Yes, Maryland’s Medical Assistance for Families initiative expands medical assistance. Now, parents, and other family members caring for children whose income is for example less than $21,200 for a family of three, are eligible for medical assistance. (Click here for income eligibility chart)


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2. As part of the new Medical Assistance for Families initiative, how will I get care? 

Most individuals participating in Medical Assistance for Families are enrolled in one of HealthChoice’s Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). These organizations offer services including free comprehensive health coverage as well as low-cost or free prescription drug benefits.


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3. I am pregnant and need health insurance. Where should I go to get it? 

Depending on your family size and household income, you may be eligible for medical assistance. For example, if you are pregnant and make less than $36,400, you are eligible for medical assistance. (Click here for a detailed income eligibility chart) Pregnant women should:


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4. I am eligible for medical assistance. Can I receive coverage for my unpaid medical bills? 

You may be eligible for some medical coverage for medical bills incurred three months prior to enrollment. Talk to your case worker about your eligibility for information on additional coverage.


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5. Am I eligible for Medical Assistance for Families or the PAC program? 

Starting July 1, 2008, Medical Assistance for Families will cover parents and other family members caring for children who make, for example, less than $21,200 for a family of three. PAC will continue to cover adults without dependents. (Click here for income eligibility chart)


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6. How do I apply?

There are multiple ways to apply including:

  • On-Line at, once the application is completed be sure to print and mail or fax the signature page to the local Health Department if it is only for medical assistance or the local Department of Social Services if it is medical assistance and other social service benefits.
  • By Mail or Fax, by printing an application at
  • By Calling 1-800-456-8900 to have an application sent to you,
  • If you are pregnant or applying for Medical Assistance only, visit your Local Health Department to fill out an application, or
  • If you want to apply for other services, such as food stamps, visit your Local Department of Social Services and fill out an application.
  • You can visit your local Health Department or Department of Social Services to complete an application. (Click Here for a Detailed List of Local Health Departments)


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7. How long does it take to complete the application?

It should take less than 30 minutes to complete a medical assistance application, if you have the necessary information which is listed below.

  • General Information (such as Name, Address, Telephone Number),
  • Information about family members (such as names and birth dates),
  • Proof of Citizenship and Identity for all family members applying,
  • For a list of ways to prove citizenship and identity, (Click here for link to list of citizenship and identity documents)
  • Social Security numbers of all family members applying for health care,
  • Sources and amounts of family income,
  • Information on any other health insurance coverage,
  • Child care expenses and verification (if applicable).

8. Can I apply for food stamps and/or day care subsidies at the same time as medical assistance?

Yes, you can apply for medical assistance and social services together. Both the local department of social services and the SAIL online program accepts applications for medical assistance as well as other types of social services.  


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9. What if I have more questions?

Please call the Maryland’s Medical Assistance hotline at 1-800-456-8900 or email, if you have any additional questions.


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10. Where can I find the list of benefits included in Medical Assistance for families?

Medical Assistance for Families will include the same benefits currently available to HealthChoice enrollees, and the new income limits will now make the program available to more people. You can find the benefits and covered services available from HealthChoice MCOs at:



11. I was enrolled in PAC but got a letter saying I am now in Medical Assistance for Families, does my children's health care change? 

No, your children’s health care will not change. You will be joining your children as a Medical Assistance enrollee and a HealthChoice member. Your children will keep the same coverage and you will join them in Medical Assistance, which offers more health benefits than the PAC program.


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12. I have a letter saying that I was being changed from PAC to Medical Assistance for Families, but I want to stay in PAC.What should I do? 

Medical Assistance for Families offers more health benefits than PAC; however, you can remain in the PAC program if you would like. Please contact the PAC office at 1-800-226-2142 and request to be put back into the PAC program and have your Medical Assistance for Families case be closed.


13. Are adults without dependent children covered?

Adults without dependent children with incomes under 116% of FPL, about $21,200 annually for a family of three, are currently eligible for the Primary Adult Care (PAC) Program. Medical Assistance for Families will allow these adults to have access to more services through PAC beginning in July 2009, depending on the availability of funds.  


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14. Where can I find out about the affordable health care for small business?

For more information, please see: Health Insurance Partnership for Small Business

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