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Interactive Map of the CHRC's Traditional Grantees


Click on the map above to access an interactive page with of all the CHRC's traditional grantees.  You can use the drop down menu at the top of the map window to sort by focus area or by jurisdiction.  Click on each dot or jurisdiction to learn more about the grantees.  Or read about them by clicking on either of the links below:
Expanding Access in Maryland's Underserved Communities

Since its inception, the CHRC has awarded 154 grants totaling $52.3 million through its Calls for Proposals, which have supported programs in every jurisdiction in Maryland.  CHRC grants have supported programs which have provided services for over 196,000 patients, resulting in more than 540,000 patient visits.
The CHRC awards grants by issuing a Call for Proposals approximately once a year. Grants are awarded in a competitive process, and priority areas and review criteria are determined by CHRC Commissioners. Grant proposals are evaluated by independent subject matter experts on a range of criteria outlined in each Call for Proposals, including the ability of the grantee to achieve stated program objectives and achieve sustainability once initial grant funds are utilized. Evaluation criteria utilized include:
1.                     the use of evidenced-based practices in the proposed program;
2.                     the ability of the program to collect and report outcomes data;
3.                     demonstration of a community need;
4.                     program sustainability; and
5.                     likelihood of overall program success.
The Commission targets its resources to reach areas of the state with the greatest unmet needs. These grants largely support expanding access to primary care in underserved areas of the state; helping to reduce infant mortality; increasing access to dental care; integrating behavioral health treatment services in the community, and facilitating the adoption of health information technology among safety net providers.

Grant Monitoring and Performance Measurement

The Commission implements a robust system of performance measurement to ensure public resources are utilized wisely and efficiently, and to determine the efficacy of grant programs and the impact of CHRC funding in underserved communities. This performance measurement provides reliable information about the programs and models of services that were successful in improving the health of patients and meeting the needs of Marylanders.
Grantees are required to submit, twice a year, as a condition of grant payment the following reports and information. CHRC staff evaluates the information submitted and grantees are held accountable for their program’s performance.
(1) CHRC Grantee Milestones & Deliverable Report: Each grantee has a unique Milestones and Deliverable (M&D) report that include a core set of common data variables that all grantees are required to report, focus-area specific measures (i.e. measures specific to all infant mortality grants) and grant specific measures. Prior to grant funds being distributed, grantees are required to provide projections on performance measures and in subsequent reporting periods, grantees update the report with actual performance numbers.
(2) Narrative Report: This is a 2-4 page narrative document that provides details about the programs activities in the preceding six-months. This is a companion document to the M&D report, and should provide the CHRC with qualitative information about the grant program including details of any major events or activities that took place as part of the program; details about why the grantee has not made (made, or exceeded) program projections of services provided; any problems or issues encountered and how the grantee resolved or plans to address these issues; and, any successes or unexpected outcomes from the program activities should be shared in the narrative report.
(3) Expenditure Report: This document details how grant funds were utilized in the preceding six months. The expenditure report includes expenses by the budget line item and sufficient detail must be provided by the grantee for expenses that are not clear by their line item budget description alone (i.e. A Personnel line item should be broken out into each paid position, with pay rate/salary and benefits cost).
(4) Invoice: An invoice is required for each grant payment. 
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