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Why is information collected about the patient?

When a complaint is filed with the Board, the Board must gather relevant information from a variety of sources, including the patient(s) involved, to determine whether a pharmacist or pharmacy permit holder has acted in a manner that warrants Board action.
What is done with the information?

The Board reviews patient information as part of its investigation into a complaint.  The pharmacist or pharmacy complained of will usually be asked to respond to the allegations in the complaint.  Thereafter, the Board may utilize the information to substantiate informal or formal disciplinary proceedings against a pharmacist or pharmacy.  In the case of a formal proceeding, the complainant may be asked to appear as a witness to testify regarding the incident complained of, as well as his or her patient information.
Who will see this information?
The Board’s staff and Board members may review patient information in their official capacities.  Furthermore, the information may be disclosed to other governmental agencies as needed in order to further investigate the matter and/or commence other enforcement action. 

Can a complaint be made anonymously
A complaint may be made to the Board anonymously.  Please be advised, however, that this may prevent the Board from effectively investigating and resolving the complaint.  
What information can the Board of Pharmacy disclose to patients regarding investigation outcomes?
The patient will be informed when an investigation has been completed and may request the Board to disclose any information available under the Public Information Act.