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10.62.02General Regulations
10.62.03Certifying Physicians
10.62.04Patient and Caregiver Registry
10.62.05Written Certifications
10.62.06Patient and Caregiver Identification Cards
10.62.07New Condition Approval Process
10.62.08Medical Cannabis Grower License
10.62.09Medical Cannabis Grower Agent
10.62.10Medical Cannabis Grower Premises
10.62.11Medical Cannabis Growing Controls
10.62.12Inventory Control by Grower
10.62.13Medical Cannabis Shipment Packaging
10.62.14Licensed Grower Dispensary Facility
10.62.15Medical Cannabis Grower Quality Control
10.62.16Licensed Independent Testing Laboratory Registration
10.62.17Complaints, Adverse Events, and Recall
10.62.18Shipment of Products Between Licensees
10.62.19Medical Cannabis Processor License
10.62.20Medical Cannabis Processor Agent
10.62.21Medical Cannabis Processor Premises
10.62.22Medical Cannabis Processor Operations
10.62.23Medical Cannabis Concentrates and Medical Cannabis-Infused Products
10.62.24Medical Cannabis Finished Products Packaging
10.62.25Medical Cannabis Dispensary License
10.62.26Dispensary Agent
10.62.27Licensed Dispensary Premises
10.62.28Licensed Dispensary Operations
10.62.29Licensed Dispensary Packaging and Labeling for Distribution
10.62.30Dispensing Medical Cannabis
10.62.31Licensed Dispensary Clinical Director
10.62.34Discipline and Enforcement
10.62.35Fee Schedule