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44BOARD OF DENTAL EXAMINERS10.44.01Dental Assistants
10.44.02Licensure of Graduates of Foreign Dental Schools
10.44.03The Conduct of Experimental Programs in Dental Schools of Colleges in the State, Which Use Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, or Both, in the Training of Students Enrolled in the Dental School or College
10.44.04Practice of Dental Hygiene
10.44.05Licensure for Dentists Licensed in Another State
10.44.08Civil Penalties
10.44.09Licensure for Dental Hygienists Licensed in Another State
10.44.10Renewal and Reinstatement of Licenses
10.44.11Inactive Licenses
10.44.12Anesthesia and Sedation
10.44.13Radiographic Protection
10.44.14Approved Specialty Fields and Qualifications for Identification as a Specialist
10.44.15Dentists and Dental Hygienists — Licensure by Examination
10.44.16Petition for Declaratory Ruling
10.44.17Temporary License to Practice Dental Hygiene
10.44.18Parenteral Sedation ― Repealed
10.44.19Dental Radiation Technologist
10.44.21Practice of Dental Hygiene under General Supervision in a Facility
10.44.22Continuing Education
10.44.23Unprofessional Conduct
10.44.24Retired Volunteer Licenses
10.44.25Compelling Public Purpose
10.44.26Volunteer Licenses
10.44.27Dental Hygiene Practice - General Supervision - Private Office
10.44.28Teachers' Licenses for Graduates of United States or Canadian Dental Schools and Schools of Dental Hygiene
10.44.30Record Keeping
10.44.29Nominations and Balloting for Appointments to Board of Dental Examiners
10.44.07Rules of Procedure for the Disciplinary Process
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