10.05.02Freestanding Birthing Centers
10.05.03Freestanding Major Medical Equipment Facilities
10.05.04Freestanding Kidney Dialysis Centers
10.05.05Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Facilities
07HOSPITALS10.07.01Acute General Hospitals and Special Hospitals
10.07.02Comprehensive Care Facilities and Extended Care Facilities
10.07.03Health Care Staff Agencies
10.07.04 Related Institutions - Residential Treatment Centers for Emotionally Disturbed Children and Adolescents
10.07.05Residential Service Agencies
10.07.06Hospital Patient Safety Program
10.07.07Nursing Referral Service Agencies
10.07.08Freestanding Medical Facilities
10.07.09Residents' Bill of Rights: Comprehensive Care Facilities and Extended Care Facilities
10.07.10Home Health Agencies
10.07.11Health Maintenance Organizations
10.07.13Forensic Residential Centers
10.07.14Assisted Living Programs
10.07.15License Fee Schedule for Hospitals and Related Institutions
10.07.16Major Medical Equipment ― Repealed
10.07.17Limited Service Hospitals
10.07.18Comprehensive Rehabilitation Facilities
10.07.19Private Review Agents — Transferred to COMAR 31.10.21
10.07.20Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Persons with Related Conditions (ICF/IID)
10.07.21Hospice Care Programs
10.12.04Day Care for the Elderly and Adults with a Medical Disability.
10.51.02Responsibilities, Accreditations, and Audits
10.51.03Licenses and Fees
10.51.04Proficiency Testing