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Subtitle 01PROCEDURES10.01.17Fees for Community Health Programs
Subtitle 04FISCAL10.04.01Fiscal Administration of Local Health Operations and Related matters
Subtitle 06DISEASES10.06.01Communicable Diseases
10.06.02Communicable Disease- Rabies
10.06.04School Health Services and Required Immunizations before entry into School
10.06.06Communicable Disease Prevention - Handling, Treatment, and Disposing of Special Waste
Subtitle 13DRUGS10.13.02Purchase and Distrubution of Prescription Drugs and Devices
10.13.05AIDS Education Program for Persons Convicted of Drugs/Sex-Related Crimes
10.13.12Impoundment and Disposal of Drugs and Prescriptions Records
Subtitle 15FOOD10.15.01Canneries and Acidified Food Manufacturing
10.15.02Crab Meat
10.15.03Food Service Facilities
10.15.04Food Processing and Transpotation
10.15.05 Manufacture and Sale of Frozen Dairy Foods and Ices Manufactured for Sale in Maryland
10.15.06Production,Processing,Transpotation, Storage and Distrubution of Manufactured Grade Milk
10.15.07Shellfish Sanitation
10.15.08Pilot Farmstead Cheese Program
10.15.09Production,Processing,Transpotation,Storage and Distribution of Manufactured Grade Milk
10.15.10Procedures for the Safe Handling and Processing of Seafood
10.15.11Bottled Water
Subtitle 16HOUSING10.16.01Migratory Labor Camps
10.16.02Construction, Equipment, Sanitation, Operation, and Maintenance of Mobile Home Parks
10.16.04Transparent Glass Doors in Mercantile Establishments and in Public, Commercial, and Residential Buildings and Structures
10.16.05Health Permits for Outdoor Musical Festivals
10.16.06Certification of Youth Camps
Subtitle 17SANITATION10.17.01Public Swimming Pools and Spas
Subtitle 18MARYLAND AIDS INSURANCE ASSISTANCE10.18.01Maryland AIDS Insurance Assistance Program
10.18.02 HIV and CD4 + Lymphocyte Investigations and Case Reporting
10.18.03AIDS Investigations and Case Reporting
10.18.04Disease Control
10.18.05Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program:Eligibility
10.18.06Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program: Services
10.18.07  Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program: Health Insurance (MADAP- Plus)
10.18.08HIV Counselling and Testing Procedures
10.18.09HIV Counseling and Testing for Pregnant Women
10.19.02 Hazardous Substances
10.19.04Tobacco Smoking in Retail Stores
10.19.05Flammable Articles
10.19.06Poison Prevention Packaging
10.19.06Poison Prevention Packaging
Subtitle 52PREVENTIVE MEDICINE10.52.04Condom Vending Machines
10.52.06Use of Tanning Devices by Minors
10.52.10 HIV Testing of Persons Accused or Convicted, or Both of Certain Crimes
10.52.11Unicersal Infection Control Precautions
Subtitle 59CATASTROPOHIC HEALTH EMERGENCIES10.59.01Care of Individuals Isolated or Quarantined Due to a Deadly Agent