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01PROCEDURES10.01.04Fair Hearing Appeals Under the Maryland State Medical Assistance Program
10.01.09Procedures for Hearing Before the Hospital Appeal Board and Nursing Home Appeal Board
10.01.20Nursing Facility Quality Assessment
09MEDICAL CARE PROGRAMS10.09.01Nurse Practitioner Services
10.09.02Physicians' Services
10.09.03Pharmacy Services
10.09.04Home Health Services
10.09.05Dental Services
10.09.06Hospital Services
10.09.07Medical Day Care Services
10.09.08Freestanding Clinics
10.09.09Medical Laboratories
10.09.10Nursing Facility Services
10.09.11Maryland Children's Health Program
10.09.12Disposable Medical Supplies and Durable Medical Equipment
10.09.13Ambulance and Wheelchair Van Services
10.09.14Vision Care Services
10.09.15Podiatry Services
10.09.16Establishment, Operation, & Authority for Health Maintenance Organizations - Medical Assistance
10.09.17Physical Therapy Services
10.09.18Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment Services
10.09.19Transportation Grants
10.09.20Community Personal Assistance Services
10.09.21Nurse Midwife Services
10.09.22Free-Standing Dialysis Facility Services
10.09.23Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Services
10.09.24Medical Assistance Eligibility
10.09.25Transportation Services Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
10.09.26Community Based Services for Developmentally Disabled Individuals Pursuant to a 1915(c) Waiver
10.09.27Home Care for Disabled Children Under a Model Waiver
10.09.28Residential Rehabilitation Services for Children in Certain Out-of Home Placements
10.09.29Residential Treatment Center Services
10.09.30Statewide Evaluation and Planning Services
10.09.31Emergency Service Transporters
10.09.32Targeted Case Management for HIV-Infected Individuals
10.09.33Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) - Substance Abuse Services
10.09.34Therapeutic Behavioral Services
10.09.35Hospice Care
10.09.36General Medical Assistance Provider Participation Criteria
10.09.37Family Planning Program Eligibility
10.09.38Healthy Start Program
10.09.39Nurse Anesthetist Services
10.09.40Early Intervention Services Case Management
10.09.41Employed Individuals with Disabilities
10.09.42Free-Standing Medicare-Certified Ambulatory Surgical Centers
10.09.43Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) Premium
10.09.44Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
10.09.45Mental Health Case Management: Care Coordination for Adults
10.09.46Home and Community-Based Services Waiver for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
10.09.47Disproportionate Share Hospitals
10.09.48Case Management for Individuals with Developmental Disability
10.09.49Telehealth Services
10.09.50EPSDT School Health-Related Services or Health-Related Early Intervention Services
10.09.51Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Audiology Services
10.09.52Services Coordination for Children with Disabilities
10.09.53Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment: Nursing Services for Individuals Younger than 21 Years Old
10.09.54Home and Community-Based Options Waiver
10.09.55Physician Assistants
10.09.56Home & Community-Based Services Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
10.09.57Partially Capitated Programs
10.09.58Family Planning Program
10.09.59Speciality Mental Health Services
10.09.60Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program  (formerly 31.17.04)
10.09.61Medical Day Care Services Waiver
10.09.62Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Definitions
10.09.63Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Eligibility and Enrollment
10.09.64Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): MCO Application
10.09.65Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Managed Care Organizations
10.09.66Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Access
10.09.67Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Benefits
10.09.68Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): School-Based Health Centers
10.09.69Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Rare and Expensive Case Management
10.09.70Maryland Medicaid Managed Care program: Non-Capitated Covered Services
10.09.71Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): MCO Dispute Resolution Procedures
10.09.72Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Departmental Dispute Resolution Procedures
10.09.73Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Sanctions
10.09.74Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Contribution to Graduate Medical Education Costs
10.09.75Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program (MMMCP): Corrective Managed Care
10.09.76Primary Adult Care Program — Repealed
10.09.77Urgent Care Centers
10.09.78Establishment, Operation, and Authority for Making Capitated Payments for Dual Eligibles Enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans
10.09.79Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Demonstration Waiver - Repealed
10.09.80Community-Substance Abuse Services
10.09.81Increased Community Services (ICS) Program
10.09.82Provider-Based Outpatient Oncology Facilities
20KIDNEY DISEASE PROGRAM10.20.01General Regulations
10.09.83Third Party Liability
10.09.84Community First Choice
10.09.85Free-Standing Birth Centers
10.09.86Maryland Medicaid Managed Care Program: Independent Review Organization (IRO)
10.09.87Free-Standing Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities
10.09.88Portable X-ray Providers
10.09.891915(i) Intensive Behavioral Health Services for Children, Youth and Families
10.09.90Mental Health Case Management: Care Coordination for Children and Youth
10.09.91Hospital Presumptive Eligibility