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28BOARD OF EXAMINERS IN OPTOMETRY10.28.01Board Procedures — Repealed
10.28.02Continuing Education Requirements
10.28.03Examination and Licensing of Optometrists
10.28.04Rules of Procedure for Board Hearings
10.28.05Inactive Status and Reinstatement of Expired Licenses
10.28.06Examination of Patients by Optometrists, Maintenance of Records, and Keeping of Certain Instrumentation and Equipment
10.28.07Fee Schedule
10.28.08 Partial Waiver of Examination
10.28.10Optometrist Accountability
10.28.11Use of Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Agents
10.28.12Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents
10.28.13Civil Penalties
10.28.14Code of Conduct
10.28.15Compelling Purpose Disclosure
10.28.16Selling and Dispensing of Contact Lenses
10.28.17Disciplinary Sanctions and Monetary Penalties