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01PROCEDURES10.01.15Exemption from Self-Referral Laws
32BOARD OF PHYSICIANS10.32.01General Licensure Regulations
10.32.02Hearings Before the Board of Physician Quality Assurance
10.32.03Delegations of Duties by a Licensed Physician - Physician Assistant
10.32.04Delegation of Duties by a Licensed Physician-Psychiatrist to a Psychiatrist's Assistant
10.32.06Licensure of Polysomnographic Technologists
10.32.07Unlicensed Medical Practitioners
10.32.08Licensure of Athletic Trainers
10.32.09Delegation and Assignment of Performance of Cosmetic Medical Procedures and Use of Cosmetic Medical Devices
10.32.10Licensure of Radiation Therapists, Radiographers,Nuclear Medicine Technologists and Radiologist Assistants
10.32.11Licensing of Respiratory Care Practitioners
10.32.12Delegation of Acts by a Licensed Physician to an Assistant Not Otherwise Authorized under Health Occupations Article or the Education Article
10.32.13Physician License by Conceded Eminence
10.32.14Unlicensed X-Ray Assistant
10.32.15Registration of Physicians to Perform Acupuncture
10.32.16Petition for Declaratory Ruling
10.32.17Sexual Misconduct
10.32.18Compelling Purpose Disclosure
10.32.19Disclosure of Records to State Health Agencies
10.32.20Licensure of Perfusionists
10.32.21Licensure, Regulation, and Discipline of Naturopathic Doctors