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Subtitle 01PROCEDURES10.01.15Exemption from Self-Referral Laws
Subtitle 32BOARD OF PHYSICIANS10.32.01General Licensure Regulations
10.32.02Hearings Before the Board of Physician Quality Assurance
10.32.03Delegations of Duties by a Licensed Physician - Physician Assistant
10.32.04Delegation of Duties by a Licensed Physician-Psychiatrist to a Psychiatrist's Assistant
10.32.06Licensure of Polysomnographic Technologists
10.32.07Unlicensed Medical Practitioners
10.32.10Certification of Medical Radiation Oncology/Therapy Technologists, Medical Radiation Technologists and Nuclear Medical Technologists
10.32.11Licensing of Respiratory Care Practitioners
10.32.12Delegation of Acts by a Licensed Physician to an Assistant Not Otherwise Authorized under Health Occupations Article or the Education Article
10.32.13Physician License by Conceded Eminence
10.32.14Unlicensed X-Ray Assistant
10.32.15Registration of Physicians to Perform Acupuncture
10.32.16Petition for Declaratory Ruling
10.32.17Sexual Misconduct
10.32.18Compelling Purpose Disclosure