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SHIP : SHIPDataChartsandMaps


The Maryland SHIP team has partnered with the University of Baltimore Jacob France Institute to bring you county-level SHIP data displayed in map format. At a glance, these one page PDFs give the reader an understanding of how the issue affects the different geographic areas of the State. Easily printable in color or grayscale, these are a perfect accompaniment to a budget presentation, community meeting or program work session.

Vision Area
SHIP Objectives
   Map 1
Healthy Babies
   Map 2
   Map 3
  Map 6
Healthy Social Environments
  Map 7
   Map 11
  Map 12
Safe Physical Environments
  Map 14
Infectious Disease
Chronic Disease
   Map 28
  Map 29
   Map 30
   Map 31
   Map 32
Healthcare Access
  Map 38