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SHIP : dietexercisehealthylifestyles

Diet, Exercise, and Healthy Lifestyles
Why is a healthy lifestyle important?
Everyday, we are bombarded with advertisements and commercials promising quick weight loss results. While weight loss can lead to improved health, sustained healthy lifestyles are the key to long-lasting health.
What is a healthy lifestyle?
Eat Smart
A good diet includes all of the nutrients we need to live with vitality. Be wary of diets lacking any of the major nutrient groups. Extreme diet methods are often missing one of the major nutrient groups, severely restrict calories, and include unhealthy techniques for weight loss. There can be serious consequences from extreme dieting methods, such as the development of eating disorders and increased risk of disease.
The body needs protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and all should be consumed in balance with your body’s needs. The United States Department of Agriculture provides guidelines on good dietary habits, which you can read HERE. You can personalize your dietary needs by visiting Choose MyPlate and keep track of your diet by using a food tracker, such as the Super Tracker. More information about menu planning and food tracking is available HERE.
Be Physically Active
Regular exercise can reduce your risk for many chronic diseases and improve your overall health.
Benefits of physical activity include:
      • Maintenance of a healthy weight
      • Stronger bones and muscles
      • Reduced risk for depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, and some forms of cancer
      • Lower blood pressure
The amount of exercise and physical activity you need varies. Learn about physical activity recommendations HERE.  The general recommendation is to get 30 minutes of physical activity every day. HERE are some tools to help you include physical activity in your day.
Where can I get more information about living healthfully?
Learn more about healthy lifestyles HERE and healthy weight loss HERE.   
Healthy weight practices are a part of a healthy lifestyle; find out more HERE.