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SHIP : maintaininghealthyhabits

Maintaining Healthy Habits
Starting healthier habits can lead to important health benefits, such as:
      • Lower risk of disease
      • Healthier body weight
      • Improved energy levels
      • Stronger muscles and bones
However, these benefits can only be realized if the healthy habits are maintained.
How can I maintain my healthy habits?
Keep track of where you are and what you do, such as your daily physical activity and eating habits. More information on tracking your food intake is available HERE. Learn about tracking your physical activity HERE.
HERE are some tips to help you get started and to maintain your new healthy habits (link to ). Read more HERE about overcoming barriers to physical activity, which can be applied to many other health-related goals.
Why is accountability important?
One way to maintain your new habits is to be accountable. Be responsible to yourself to work towards your goal. Share your goals with others, such as family members, friends, and others in your social networks, and they can help you be accountable towards your goals.
Benefits of accountability:
        • Helps you stay true to your word
        • Helps you stay on track
        • Helps you build a group of supporters
If you are unable to find supporters in your current networks, join an online community of people with similar goals. Websites such as meetup.com and Facebook can connect you with people with similar interests and goals.