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Questions and Answers on Local Health Planning


Map of Maryland Jurisdictions



Where are the Local Health Planning Regions? 

As part of the SHIP’s development, the State’s local Health Officers identified local health planning areas. These areas are outlined on the map below. You can also click on your jurisdiction to find out who your local health planners are and to link to local calendars, plans and assessments.   

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What is a Local Health Coalition?

As part of the SHIP process, many local planning regions are establishing local health coalitions. A local health coalition is comprised of volunteer members such as representatives of local hospitals, federally qualified health centers, local government agencies, schools, employers, community and faith based organizations and residents.  The purpose of the coalition is to improve the health of all residents with particular attention to health disparities. Coalitions hold open meetings at times and locations conducive to member and public participation.

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 How Do Local Health Coalitions Work? 

The local Health Officer will organize and lead thlocal planning efforts, unless alternative arrangements are locally developed.  In multi-county planning regions, a lead Health Officer will assume responsibility for the regional coalition, which may establish county-specific subcommittees.   Local coalitions analyze data, set priorities, and take action. Interventions may include clinical, community, environmental, policy and legal changes that address health priorities, including eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities.  

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What Is Expected of Local Health Coalitions?

  • The membership, goals, documents, meeting schedule and point of contact for each local coalition will be publicly available, including on the SHIP website.   

  • By early 2012, each local coalition will issue a public document outlining an initial Local Health Action Plan.  These Plans will be modified and strengthened over time. The Plans will be available on the SHIP website. 

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How Will Local Health Coalitions Be Supported?  

Hospital Support:  The Maryland Hospital Association and its members are providing start-up funding in 2011 planning areas across the State.  

State Support:  The Community Health Resources Commission will award grants to qualifying local coalitions after January 2012.

Public – Private Support:  An important element of the Local Action Plans will be an analysis of sustainability opportunities via public and private resource development.


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My County Has Already Started Local Health Planning – Does It Have To Start Over?

No—SHIP supports these existing efforts, such as Healthy Baltimore 2015 and Healthy Montgomery. 


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