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Training Services Division : man-sup-tk-faqs

Timekeeping FAQ's for Supervisors/Managers 

When are employees allowed to take personal leave?
Personal leave is available the first full pay period of the calendar year.
Can an employee use leave that is not appearing on their time sheet?
Yes, provided they have earned the leave prior to taking the leave.  Leave accruals and usage is one pay in arrears, as long as the employee worked or was on paid leave the previous pay period they would have leave available.
Why are my bi-weekly leave accruals different than my actual leave accruals?
This could be for a number of reasons:
Split pay period covering two calendar years.
The employee was on leave without pay in the previous pay period.
A timesheet was not submitted for the previous pay period.
As a supervisor how can I verify if my staff has the leave they are requesting?
Under the paperless timekeeping system you may go under my history, type in the employees EIN # and it will bring up all time sheets submitted, approved and audited.  If the employee worked the entire previous pay period without using leave you can add the bi-weekly accrual rate to what is appearing on the current timesheet.  If they used leave in the previous pay period you will need to deduct any time taken and then add in the accruals to determine how much leave is available.
I have an employee who takes their leave up to the minute – how can I figure out how much leave is available?
At the top of the employee’s timesheet it lists the biweekly leave accrual (normal and actual).  For employees who work or are on paid leave the 2 categories remain the same, for an employee who takes leave without pay the actual will be less than the normal.  Prior to approving leave to determine if an employee has the time they are requesting you would go to the previous timesheet see how many hours they worked or were on paid leave and compute the earnings accordingly.
An example would be an employee is 16.5 hours leave without pay in the previous 2 week period – therefore, they worked 63.5 hours. 
Take biweekly leave accrual rate 4.615
Divide it by the # of pay period hours 80.0
= .057689
Multiply the above amount to the total number of hours worked, or on paid leave -63.5
= 3.663
Can I deny personal leave?
As a general rule personal leave is available to the extent it is earned, employees may request up to 6 days of unscheduled personal leave in a calendar year.  However, if a critical shortage of staff exists in your unit a supervisor may deny the employee use of their personal leave.

What about other types of leave (e.g. annual or compensatory time)?
Annual leave and compensatory leave must be pre-approved at minimum the end of the shift the day before the employee is requesting the time.  Each administration should have a specific call-out policy for their employees.

 Is it acceptable for an employee to call out sick without speaking to their supervisor?
Article 12 of the MOU titled Sick Leave – when an employee calls in accordance with established practice or policy, he/she shall leave a message if the supervisor or supervisor’s designee is unavailable, or the Employer may instruct an employee to call a secondary number and if the employee gets voice mail they will not be required to call back.  The employee or their designee must call each day of the absence unless the employee has provided medical documentation with a prognosis.
I have just signed up for Direct Deposit and registered with POSC, it is asking for a check number – where do I get this information?
You may contact the payroll office at 410 767-5544.

I just hit my five year anniversary with the state but my timesheet still reflects my old leave accrual rate, when does that rate change?
At the top of your timesheet there is a block entitled leave activity through provided your Entry on Duty Date (EOD) has occurred the new accrual rate will appear on your timesheet.
I have a ton of compensatory time and just found out I need to have surgery – can I use my compensatory time instead of my sick leave?
As a general rule you are unable to take an in-lieu of sick leave code if you have sick leave available.  However, if you request compensatory time for your absence and it is approved by your supervisor provided the timesheet is coded as pre-approved comp. time it will be accepted.  Another situation that payroll will allow you to use annual, or personal leave during a sick absence that sick leave is available if we are at the end of the year and you are in a use or lose situation on leave.

How much leave can I carry from calendar year to calendar year?
The maximum annual leave carryover is 75 days (600 hours) or the percentage based on an employee’s funded position of the 75 days.
An example would be employee is 60% their maximum carryover amount would be 360 hours of annual leave. (600 hours multiplied by 60%)
Personal leave is use or lose per calendar year.
Sick leave is unlimited to the extent earned.
I’ve decided to retire – is there a maximum amount of leave I can be paid?
Yes, while the carryover rate has been increased to 75 days the payout upon leaving state service still remains at 50 day carryover plus what you accrue in the year you leave state service.

If you were to retire June 30th of the calendar year the maximum payout amount you would be eligible to receive would be 62.5 days provided you carried over 50 days from one calendar year to the next and earned the maximum amount of leave per pay period.  If you retire 12/31 of the calendar year the maximum payout amount you would be eligible to receive would be 75 days provided you carried over 50 days from the previous calendar and earned 25 days in the year you retire.
Personal Leave has no payout value it is use or lose per calendar year.
Compensatory time for an Exempt Employee has a maximum payout of 16 hours or the percentage of 16 hours based on your funded position. 
Non-Exempt compensatory time earned in-lieu of cash has a maximum payout of 240 hours.
I just learned I need to be out for an extended period of time due to illness and I have no leave what are my options?
If you are a member of the leave bank you can request time to cover your absence provided you have submitted a request and the medical documentation meets the criteria of a serious illness or disease.
If you are not a member of the leave bank you can request donated leave from other employees the same criteria listed above must be met to qualify for donated leave.
Unpaid FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act – while FMLA if unpaid will not give you a check it will protect your position and benefits for a maximum of 3 months full time or 480 hours intermittent.
Specific questions related to information listed above may be directed to Ms. Jennifer English, OHR, at 410 767-5532.
I was walking across the lobby and tripped on the carpet what should I do?
First and foremost make sure you are okay, then report the incident to your supervisor or their designee.  Then complete a first report of injury form which can be obtained on OHR’s website, if anyone witnessed the fall have them complete the witness statement, have your supervisor complete their statement and turn all paperwork in to Ms. Jennifer English, OHR, Room 111, 201 W. Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.  If you are hurt go to any of the Concentra Walk in Clinics located throughout Maryland.  If your injuries are life-threatening go to the nearest emergency room.
I missed the deadline to submit my timesheet electronically – how will I get paid?
Go into my history on the paperless system print a copy of your timesheet, sign and date it, have your supervisor sign and date the printed copy and bring to the payroll office outside Room 110-A.  Provided we receive a copy of your timesheet you will be paid for the pay period.
How do I change my W-4?
Sign in to POSC and select the option to change your deduction on-line, or if you prefer you can print the form and make the changes and submit the completed form to the payroll office. 
I am a new employee and I signed up for Direct Deposit – today is payday and my check is not in the bank did I get paid?
Provided the paperwork was processed you most likely received a paper check that will be mailed to your home address on file.  If you do not receive your check in the mail by the Friday after payday, contact the payroll office at 410 767-5544 to see if there was a problem.
I have direct deposit and my bank is saying they did not receive my deposit what should I do?
Contact payroll at 410 767-5544 to see if there was a problem with your check.
Any questions related to leave, pay, policies, special payments payroll etc. may be directed to the Administration Division at 410 767-5689.